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You searched NLI - Title: Letters from a father to his daughter / Jawaharlal Nehru
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1   Letters from a father to his daughter : being a brief account of the early days of the world written for children / by Jawaharlal Nehru
1   Letters from a forest School/ Chittaranjan Das; translation: Diptiranjan Pattanaik
1   Letters from a living dead man / written down by Elsa Barker ; with an introduction
1   Letters from a Mahratta camp during the year 1809 : descriptive of the character, manners, domestic habits and religious ceremonies of the Mahrattas / Thomas Duer Broughton
1   Letters from a missionery's wife abroad to a friend in England / Mary Weitbrecht
1   Letters from a sojourner in Europe/ Rabindranath Tagore; translated by Manjari Chakravarty, edited bySupriya Roy
1   Letters from a son to his parents / edited by Rashmi Malhotra
1   Letters from a sufi teacher Shaikh Sharfuddin Maneri or makhdum-ul-mulk / Shaileb Sharaf-ud-Din Ahmad ajahya Maniri ; translated from the Persian by Baijnath Singh
1   Letters from a traveller / Pierre Teihard de Chardin
2   Letters from a veiled politician

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