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You searched NLI - Title: Lectures in statistical physics : proceedings of 3rd conference held at Advanced School for Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Austin / J. Ehlers ... [et al.] ; edited by W. C. Schieve and J. S. Turner
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1   Lecture Sayyid Mohammad Mahmood Braister at law : Ashaat maujudah halaat Aala talim Angrezi ki Musalmano mein ba ahd Angrezi, 1793 ta 1893, Ijlas Hastum (7th) Mohammadan Educational Comference, 28 Dec, 1893/ compiled by Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College Aligarh
4   Lecture series
2   Lecture series - Centre for the Study of Science, Technologyand Development
1   Lecture series - Vishwa Yuvak Kendra
1   A lecture : the marriage law in India / compiled by Norendro Nath Sen
1   A lecture the marriage law in India / compiled by Norendro Nath Sen
1   Lecturer Moti Motī Rām
1   Lecturer in linguistics
5   Lecturer on patañjali mahābhāṣya / P. S. Subhramaṇya Śāstri
1   lecturership examinaiton

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