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You searched NLI - Title: Lectures in statistical physics : proceedings of 3rd conference held at Advanced School for Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Austin / J. Ehlers ... [et al.] ; edited by W. C. Schieve and J. S. Turner
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1   Lectures on astrophysics and weak interactions / [by] S. Hayakawa ... [et al.] ; Notes by E. Roffman [and] F. Chen
3   Lectures on automata theory / by J. Hartmanis
1   Lectures on bacteria / by A. de Bary, Isaac Bayley Balfour
1   Lectures on bacteria / A. De Bary ; authorised translated by H. E. F. Garnsey ; revised by I. B. Balfour
1   Lectures on Bernstein approxination problem / K. R. Unni
1   Lectures on Biblical Criticism, exhibiting a systematic view of that science / S. Davidson
1   Lectures on block theory / Burkhard Kulshammer
1   Lectures on boundary theory for Markov chains / by Kai Lai Chung, with the cooperation of Paul-Andre Meyer
1   Lectures on brodcast jounalism / P. K. Ravindranath
2   Lectures on Buddha and Buddhism / Radhagovinda Basak

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