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You searched NLI - Title: Manual of the statistics of the district of Gorouckpore / by Alan Swinton
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1   Manual of the terminology of the law of armed conflicts and of international humanitarian organizations / by Isaac Paenson
1   A manual of the three first degrees of freemasonry : With an introductory key-stone to the royal arch / By Richard Carlile
2   A manual of the timbers of the world : their characteristics and uses / by Alexander L. Howard
2   Manual of the transaction from Urdu into English / by Benimadhab Ganguli
1   Manual of the treasury accounts department / Department of Treasury Accounts General
1   Manual of the Treasury Accounts Department / Office of the Account- General, Madras (India, British)
1   Manual of the treasury accounts, department of the office of the account general/ Department of Treasury Accounts Govt. of India
1   Manual of the treasury audit Department / Office of the Accountant-General, Madras (India)
1   A manual of the Trichinopoly district in the presidency of Madras / Lewis Moore
1   A manual of the vakeel's duties / compiled by T. Subbannacharyar

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