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You searched NLI - Title: Patna law weekly
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1   Patent and Antitrust Law: a Legal and Economic appraisal/ Ward S. Bowman
1   Patent and trade disparities in developing countries / Srividhya Ragavan
1   Patent and trade disparties ion developing countries
2   Patent and trade-mark digest of the decisions of the United States Court of customs and patent appeals, covering volumes 17 to 22, inclusive, of the Patent reports, by Jesse C. Weaver. Published under the authority of the United States Court of customs and patent appeals
1   Patent and trademark forms booklet
1   Patent authorneys and agents : available to represent inventors before the United States patent office arranged by states and countries / United States Department of Commerce
1   Patent Cooperation Treaty, with regulations : between the United States of America and other governments.
1   Patent documentation service : a classified list of patent literature / Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Govt. of India
1   Patent for invention : adrigements of specifications 30001 - 35000 / Patents office of India.
1   Patent for inventions abridgements of specifications 35000-40000 / Patent Office, Govt. of India

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