Using the Cart

Any records you save during a Browse, Keyword, or Expert search are stored in the Cart for the duration of your session.  The Cart lets you view, print, and e-mail these records at your convenience.

Click the cart link from any screen on which the Cart link or icon is provided. The Cart Screen will appear in another browser window.

Saved records remain the Cart until:

  • The Cart or Global Reset Time elapses, ending your session.
  • You manually delete a record or clear the entire Cart.
  • You close the session.
  1. Review the records in the Cart.  Checking any you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Update button at the top of the screen to remove any unwanted items from the Cart.  To remove all items from the Cart, click the Clear Cart button.
  3. Chose a format for the output of the contents of the Cart: Brief, Full, MARC, or ISO2709 format