Heading Keyword Search

A Heading Keyword search lets you search for keywords within headings found in authority and bibliographic records. The result of a Heading Keyword search is an alphabetical list of established headings that contain the keywords of your choice.

  1. Choose a Virtua database to search
  2. Select the type of heading search that you want to do by clicking the down arrow in the Search Heading Type pull-down list box.
  3. Type the keyword(s) to be searched in each Words text box.
  4. Choose the Data Format for your each of your keywords.
  5. Select a Boolean operator (And, Or, Not, Near) to connect your keywords.
  6. Click the Search button.
About Data Formats

The data format determines which headings in the database are counted as matches to your search query. You can choose from the following formats:

  • All Words - To count as a hit, a heading must contain ALL the keywords that you type in the Words text box, but the keywords can appear in the heading in any order.
  • Phrase - To count as a hit, a heading must contain a phrase matching ALL keywords in the exact order that they appear in the Words text box.
  • Exact Match - To count as a hit, the beginning of a heading must match exactly the keyword(s) that you type in the Words text box.