Managing Your Sessions

Saving A Session

You can save your session (Search History and the contents of your Cart) and retrieve it at a later time.

Note:  If you retrieve a session in which you viewed your patron information, you cannot access patron information screens without logging in from the Patron Authentication screen.

To save your session,
  1. At the end of a session, before logging out, click the Session Management link.  The Session Management screen appears.
  2. Record the Current Session ID number, or if you want to e-mail yourself a message with the session ID in the subject line, click the e-mail link.
  3. Click the End and Save Session link.  Your session is now saved.
Retrieving A Session

To retrieve a session,

  1. Click the Load Session link.  The Session Management screen appears.
  2. In the Load Session text box, type or paste the session ID that you want to load.
  3. Click the Load Session button.  A message appears on the session Management screen, informing you that your session has been loaded.
  4. Click the Return to Gateway link to use your newly loaded session.  The Search History and Cart for the loaded session will be available.